Who We Are!

AI Recruiter is your technology partner in recruiting. AI Recruiter uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the Quality of Hire (QoH) and Machine Learning (ML) to drive improvements period over period, thus reduces the cost of each hire and the time it takes to hire.

Analytics to improve the Quality of Hire

The AI Recruiter Platform has several ML algorithms to analyze a candidate's Hard skills, Personality/fitment, Sentiment, and perform a fraudulent analysis using multiple profiles and professional social engagements.

Additional analytics are provided using a 45-minute candidate assessment. This assessment offers cultural, behavior, and soft skills analysis. The overall platform assesses the candidate's long term partnership with the company to help reduce the turnover of new candidates within 60 days of hire.

Connecting to the inhouse Application Tracking System (ATS):

AI recruiter has provisioned open API's for 3rd party adaptors with customer partners